The London Piano Trio’s performance of the Gibbs trio in D is simply wonderful.
This group is almost from another age, with an individual sound and approach that makes them recognisable every time they play. This work ought to be one of the staples of the concert repertoire, for it offers music of similar quality to other trios that are much better known.
-- The Gramaphone
The London Piano Trio is a tour de force in international chamber music......surely the highlight of their generation. -- Bakinskiy Bulvar, Baku
The first movement was a perfect example of the ensemble’s technical prowess in which the dialogue passages were very calmly controlled whilst the rapid piano passagework was technically excellent, though the final movement was undoubtedly the most dramatic, with a fabulously energetic account of the ending.
Cranleigh News
The London Piano Trio are ardent exponents, with rich and full
sonorities. (Review of the Tovey Vol.1 recording)
Nicholas Salwey, International Record Review

These two accomplished works are performed superbly by the London Piano Trio.

(Review of the Tovey Vol.1 recording)
Peter Joelson, Classical Source

Sparkling London Triple Star - Frankfurt Press, Germany

Advance praise is something delicate. Obviously Tom Frinta from “Isis Concert Group” must have been aware of this when he welcomed the London Piano Trio to the Governors Hall in Hofheim during their first and hopefully not last visit to Germany. Only a few bars into the Piano Trio in C-minor by Brahms revealed that any reservations were unwarranted, this simply was world-class ...